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Spartan Animal Hospital is a full-service small animal and exotics hospital proudly located in McFarland since 1987.  We strive to offer the highest quality medical care. Our services range from comprehensive preventative care, routine and advanced oral care, routine and specialized surgical care, internal medicine and urgent care services for dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and avian species including poultry and waterfowl.

Best Veterinarian 2020

best of mcfarland

Thank you McFarland for voting us Best Veterinarian in the Best of McFarland contest!
We are so honored to be part of this wonderful community and appreciate every opportunity to care for your pets.

Our Mission:
Spartan Animal Hospital's core mission is to partner with our clients to nurture and preserve the human-animal bond
through compassionate, comprehensive, quality medical and surgical care for our patients.

  • Abby Vockroth
    Customer Service Representative

    Abby graduated with a trumpet performance degree from UW Madison, but life took her in many different directions and has formed her into a 'Jill of All Trades'. A back injury caused her to leave the in-home health care profession, but the silver lining is that it landed her in the veterinary world, and this is the field she finds most rewarding and enjoyable. She loves helping people take care of the family members the love, and believes educating clients is the key to success. When Abby is not at the clinic, busy with her pet sitting business, or playing with her kitties, Momo, Grampa, and Ranger, she enjoys bicycling, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Mikayla Kowal

    Mikayla joined Spartan in June of 2018. She currently lives in Windsor with her boyfriend Audie. Mikayla enjoys working with all types of animals; from exotics to dogs and cats. She has two snakes, a tartantula, and two cats. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing at home with her critters, bike riding, and traveling. She enjoys meeting all of the furry, feathery, and scaly patients that come to the clinic!

  • Kara Shogren
    Customer Service Representative

    Kara joined the Spartan Animal Hospital team in the spring of 2019 as one of our customer service representatives. She grew up in Stevens Point and that is where she attended the University of Stevens Point with a major in psychology. Kara has always had a love of animals and is happy to be a part of the SAH team. Kara lives in Madison with her husband Tyler and their daughter Emily. They have 2 cats, Lantern and Dorian, as well as a dog named Tucker. Kara enjoys running, playing board games with her family and gardening.

  • Jennifer Marsden

    Dr. Jen graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor's of Science, then headed out west to Washington and Idaho where she began her career in the veterinary field. After working as a veterinary assistant for 3 years, she decided to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University. After graduating with her DVM in 2015, she has worked with all species large, small, and exotic. She has a particular interest in pain management, preventative health, dentistry, and exotics. In her free time, Dr. Jen enjoys backpacking and kayaking with her husband and two dogs.

  • Amber Schmidt-Bedker

    Amber joined Spartan Animal Hospital in 2017 as a certified veterinary technician. She graduated from Madison College's vet tech program in 2016. Amber enjoys working with a variety of animals, with a special interest in rabbits. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, traveling and hiking. She lives with her husband and 2 rabbits, Bandit and Chewie. 

  • Jen Marsden
    DVM, Owner

    Dr. Jen graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor's of Science, then headed out west to Washington and Idaho where she began her career in the veterinary field. After working as a veterinary assistant for 3 years, she decided to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University. After graduating with her DVM in 2015, she has worked with all species large, small, and exotic. Dr. Jen joined the Spartan team in 2017. She has a particular interest in pain management, preventative health, surgery, dentistry, and exotics. In her free time, Dr. Jen enjoys backpacking and kayaking with her husband and two dogs. Dr. Jen is accepting new patients and looks forward to meeting you and your pets!

  • Fallon Ready
    Practice Manager

    Fallon is our Practice Manager and has been with Spartan since 2003. After studying psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee she decided her interests lie in the veterinary field. Providing a client centered environment and getting to know the clients and patients of Spartan is important to Fallon.  She resides with her husband Pete and daughter Milan. She also shares her home with her dog Dax, cats Jamison and Casper, and a pygmy goat named Ennis. In her spare time, Fallon enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoor adventure activities, reading and volunteering in the human hospice field.

  • Haley Sobczak

    Haley is our McFarland born and raised Certified Veterinary Technician. Haley has used the opportunity to know our clients on a personal and professional level. Haley first started working at Spartan Animal Hospital in high school as cleaner, then after her experience with Spartan - enrolled in Madison Area Technical College's veterinary technician program. Haley graduated from the program in 2003 and joined Spartan as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2004. Haley currently resides in Stoughton with her husband Dan and son Cameron. Haley and her family are lovers of all species great and small. They currently have one dog, one cat, one bird, one ferret, one hedgehog, one salamander, one chameleon, three fire belly toads, four bearded dragons, three Russian tortoises and one three toed box turtle. In her free time Haley enjoys camping, taking walks, reading and spending time with family and friends.

  • Jesse Shunk
    Lead CVT

    Jesse has been a team member of Spartan Animal Hospital since February 2015. He graduated from Globe University and became a CVT in 2015 as well. Jesse currently has one dog named Cookie Mommer, and one cat named Miska. He loves exotics and some day wants to have his own aviary. Jesse resides in Cottage Grove with his wife Rachel, son Aaron, and daughter Taylor. In his free time Jesse enjoys outdoor activities, sports, reading, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say

  • "The staff here is fantastic! They are so kind and understanding and always put my mind at ease. You can tell they love animals and understand new puppy mom worries ;) I'm so glad this is the vet we chose for our puppy! He probably agrees, he likes the treats when he gets his shots. Thanks for everything you do!"
    Anna T. via Facebook
  • "Always a good experience with Dr. Mike. I started coming here with my exotics and eventually brought my other animals in as well. He is absolutely fantastic. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. They way the staff treats you and talks to you really resonates when you're having issues with your loved ones."
    Jenni S. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike was great. Be prepared to stay a while because exams are thorough and some labs can be done on the spot! Doc took the time to explain everything and give us all our options. I was expecting the $ to be much higher considering we had labs & medicine, but it was reasonable."
    Ann G. via Facebook
  • "They are amazing, staff is great, Dr Mike is the best for sure, I wanted to tank them in behalf of my family for their card they mail to us after we had to put our dog to sleep, I definitely recommend Spartan Animal Hospital, I live in Verona and I don't mind to drive to McFarland to have them take care of my pets."
    Felipe R. via Facebook
  • "We get great care from Dr. Mike and all of the staff at Spartan Animal Hospital. They are all genuinely interested in me, and my concerns for my pet's health. They take an interest in each patient and also respond to the owner concerns. We now have our fourth dog. All of the others have lived out their lives in the care of spartan animal hospital. When our last dogs were nearing the end of life, we were able to prepare for the next steps with an informed decision. They were able to provide comfort with knowledge at a venerable time. Thank you."
    Rob R. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Wenninger is fantastic. His level of knowledge and passion for the animals he cares for is beyond what I was expecting--and I had extremely high expectations! I brought 2 of my exotic animals here for examination and it's likely I'll start bringing my cats here too now. Thanks again for helping me help my critters out."
    Laura D. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike is truly an amazing doctor! He took such great care of our little turtle named Houdini! I am feeling so relieved after the visit. You can tell Dr. Mike is truly a knowledgeable and caring doctor. I appreciate the time and care he took with our appointment. Thank you again!!"
    Crystal J. via Facebook
  • "Dr.Mike is awesome. He is extremely knowledgeable, very understanding, and kept me up to date on everything. The only person I will bring exotic animal(s) to."
    Brittany L. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike really knows what he's doing and is unbelievably kind in doing so. We will be back any time we need a veterinaria"
    Dan D. via Facebook
  • "I was so impressed with everyone at Spartan Animal Hospital! Friendly welcome into the clinic and the first thing everyone did when they walked into the exam room was introduce themselves and shake my hand. For me, that is huge! They understood that my parrot would be stressed and waited to do everything with him at the same time to help keep him calm. Dr, Mike was fantastic, as were the CVTs helping to do the toughest part - holding Oscar without him biting them! Dr. Mike took his time with him, was gentle and very knowledgeable. I actually enjoyed my visit! We will be back for more nail buffs and wing trims! Thanks for making his visit a good experience for us both."
    Nancy L. via Facebook
  • "I only had one occasion, recently, to take my 35 year-old BFF, Groucho, a Congo African Grey, to see Dr. Mike. I was totally impressed with the knowledgeable service, care, and kindness we received, despite the prognosis that Groucho received. The prognosis was not good, heart arrhythmia, and Groucho died of a heart attack just a few days later. It was sudden, which is better than a long drawn-out illness, and I appreciate the time Dr. Mike and his assistant, Amber, gave us. To receive a sympathy card was the final good touch. For someone who has had companion parrots for over 35 years, I would highly recommend Spartan Animal Hospital to anyone who cares about their winged or four-legged friends."
    Clarence P. C. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike is the best. Very knowledgeable when it comes to reptiles and he has a love for them as well. He recently helped me out a lot with a huge snake mite infestation that broke out among my collection and he did everything in his power to make it as inexpensive as possible for me which is beyond amazing for how much this could have been in the long run. This will be he only place I take my reptiles from now on. Thank you!"
    Richie B. via Facebook
  • "Dr.Mike was amazing. Definitely be bringing my babies back to him.."
    Kate K. via Facebook
  • "The staff were great, friendly, and helped me out!"
    James T. via Facebook
  • "I took Azul my Chinese shar pei for the first time to this clinic,Dr Michael spoke to me for almost an hour,even my dog was diagnosed with kidney failure,all the stuff has been amazing with me and Azul.
    Thanks so much for all you do!!!"
    Maricel E. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike always takes the time to answer all my questions and he and his staff take care of my cat Edgar as if he were their own. They are kind, caring and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
    Kira K. via Facebook
  • "I dropped my dragon Jax off just this morning and Dr Mike called me back and gave me so much information of what was to come. He was very informative and I fell comfortable. Waiting to hear on the surgery but he is amazing!!! Thank you for helping me."
    Aftyn W. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Mike is awesome, I love the care he takes with our pets, even the little exotic ones!"
    Michelle M. via Facebook
  • "I love spartan animal hospital my dog rosie does too she does so good for the doctors so I know she is getting great care I totally trust and believe in them!"
    Diane K. via Facebook

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